Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving Appetizer

Hey Y'all!

My family likes to eat Thanksgiving dinner a little later in the day, around 3 or 4, so we end up snacking through out the day - which we all love!
Normally our snacks consist of cheese slices, cheese balls, crackers, dips, and sausage. This year we added a couple new appetizers

Pastry Wrapped Brie Cheese
(Since it leaked out, it looks a little messy, but I promise it is yummy!)

Block of Brie Cheese
Pastry Dough (I used buttermilk muffins, but crescent rolls or pastry puff sheet can also be used)
Jelly (I used a Strawberry Pepper Jelly)

1. Take out pastry dough and flatten into one large sheet using a rolling pin

2. Scoop a couple table spoons of jelly onto pastry and spread evenly with butter knife

3. Unwrap Brie Cheese and place in the center of dough

4. Wrap dough around cheese, pinching at the top with the dough meets to create a tight seal
5. Bake according to pastry doughs instructions, mine was on 350 degrees for 10 - 12 minuets or until golden brown
If some of the cheese or jelly leaks out a little, that's okay, pour over the top and around the pastry when out of the oven.
Serve with crackers, apple slices and place a knife on the plate so guest and cut some the bread with the cheese.

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