Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Ways to Give this Holiday Season

Hey Y'all!
I will be very honest with you, I love presents! Gifts are my top love language and so I love Christmas. This also means I love to give gifts. I spend so much time looking for the perfect gifts for people and making sure they will love them.
Even though gift giving and getting makes me giddy this time of year, I like to look for ways to give.

 1. Cards for Hospitalized Kids
Last year I read about this organization and decided it was something I wanted to be a part of, so I made about 10 holiday style cards and sent them out. It is super easy but also meaningful since most of the kids they give the cards to do not get to go home for the holidays. This year a group at my church wanted to do something for the holidays and I mentioned this, so now we will be doing it as a group this weekend.

2. Donate Clothes/Blankets to Shelters
Another easy but extremely helpful way to give for the holidays is to donate the sweaters, pants, blankets and other warm clothing that you don't use anymore to your local shelters since it gets cold this time of year. (Plus this is a great way to clean out your closet!)

3. Sing/Visit/Play with patients at your Local Hospital
This is something that my church group is also doing this year. We are planning to visit a local hospital together - Sing Carols, Visit with patients and play with the children.

4. Give Toys or Gifts to Local Shelters or Orphanages
The last way I plan to give this season is by buying a few toys and giving them to a shelter for women and children. Ken and I look forward to buying a barbies, action figures, or play dough - and items like batteries or tooth brushes for the shelters regular needs.


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