Friday, September 27, 2013

A Little Break...

Hey Y'all!
I have been crazy busy and not had a chance to update in a while, opps! Thankfully I am getting a break in just two short days when I leave to go on vacation. I am so excited and the rest is much needed. I am headed out on a cruise for one last blast of summer before the fall season really kicks in with all the holidays.
I can't wait to share pictures with y'all when I return! I hope you have a great start to October, I know I will! :)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Top 5: Imaginary Worlds

The Wizarding World
If you have been reading my blog for a little while you have probably figured out that I am absolutely crazy about Harry Potter. If I could visit or live in any imaginary world it would be The Wizarding World. There are so many awesome things about it! First - MAGIC! It would be awesome to be a witch and use magic. I also love the old world feel of The Wizarding World. I love that they use quills instead of pens, that they still use coins as payment instead of credit cards, and that they use owls to deliver mail instead of email. Of course they are able to live this way, without computers or phones, because they have magic which wins compared to the Internet any day.
The Land of Oz

The Wizard of Oz was one of my favorite movies as a kid, even though the monkey's scared me! ha. I love Oz. I love all the different people, the talking animals, and the techo colored horses. When the new movie, Oz the Great and Powerful came out, I was so excited to see more of the land of Oz and I was not disappointed. I was able to see different scenery, more of the Emerald City and the little china doll town.
The Enchanted Forest

Once Upon a Time is an awesome show that combines so many fairy tales into one place: The Enchanted Forest. I love that all of the fairy tales belong to one place and are all intertwined and so many of the characters know each other, it's awesome. Their world is magical, exciting and unpredictable. I would like to be Snow White for just a day in The Enchanted Forest.
Camp Half-Blood

Camp Half-Blood belongs in the world of Percy Jackson. It is a place where half-blood children go to be safe and train there powers since they each have one part that is a Greek God. I love the whole world created in Percy Jackson - not just Camp Half-Blood though. I love the Greek Mythology, the excitement and quest, and even the underworld was really interesting (but I would only want to stay in the part that was for the good people or the little island paradise part).

Narnia is awesome. It is beautiful, filled with talking animals and their leader is an all knowing lion. I would love to visit or live in Narnia where I could ride a horse and talk to him at the same time or fight along side a beaver. I mean, even the trees can be used as communication and how can you not think that is awesome?

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I still remember the day of 9/11/01 like majority of Americans. I was much younger, only 11. I remember walking into my history class, where my teacher always had the radio on, but that day she turned it off. She stood in front of her desk and asked us if anyone knew what was going on. One boy raised his hand and said that a plane had crashed into a building in New York. My teacher then proceeded to explain what happened and many students were picked up by their parents throughout the day.

After school, I remember my parents were sad for the people in New York and worried that something like that might happen where we lived. My dad worked in power and chemical plants and if a plane crashed or explosion happened in that area it would cause tons of death and sickness to not only those in the plants but also the surrounding areas because of all chemicals.

When I was 16 my mom and I visited New York City on a vacation and we went to see Ground Zero. At the time they had not decided what to do, whether they would rebuild or not, so it was just a giant hole. It was strange being at a location of a tragedy I had only seen in pictures or on TV. Many of the buildings surrounding Ground Zero still had plastic sheets over them because they were damaged and not in use, but they had not be taken down or fixed yet. Being there made it feel like even though it had been several years and things were getting better, not everything was fixed yet.

As I have gotten older I have realized the seriousness and importance of that day. I will never be able to understand the heartache that it caused so many people as they watched people die in front of them, lost their family and friends, and saw part of their city crumble from their windows.

I also know, that even though that day brought a lot of sadness and hard times, it also brought a nation together and every year when 9/11 rolls around I feel that it does the same all over again.

I also love reading stories of people who were there, who experienced it, and who witnessed and participated in helping others. One of my favorite authors, Meg Cabot, wrote this blog post about her experience and it is incredibly touching.

Be kind today and every day.


Friday, September 6, 2013

Top 5: Things about Fall

I pretty much love all seasons and I get equally excited for each one. These are my Top 5 favorite things about Fall.
I adore everything pumpkin. First of all just look at them. I love the colors and different shapes. I love the classic pumpkin pie, pumpkin spiced lattes, pumpkin pudding, pumpkin pastries and pumpkin truffles. I also love their smell and I love making my whole house smell like pumpkins candles. I even enjoy roasting pumpkin seeds after the kid in me carves one just for fun.

Fall is all about being cozy to me. Cozy sweaters, comfy jeans, hoodies and wrapping up in a warm blanket while drinking tea. I love wearing soft sweaters and cardigans. 


  Oh football. Football is king in Texas. I love watching games while wearing my teams colors and eating wings. 
  Food is the fall is the best. Chili, Tortilla Soup, and Pot Roast - Oh my!

The Holiday Season Begins:
The holidays finally come back around the fall. First Halloween comes and I love to decorate my house and watch the 13 nights of Halloween on ABC family. Then Thanksgiving comes and it's time to cook and eat until hearts content (and my stomach is exploding) while watching another fall favorite - football. Plus I love Thanksgiving because it reminds me to be thankful not just for what I have but also the family I spend the day with. 

Those are my Fall Favorites. What are yours? 


Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hello September

I love the start of a new month, especially when its the start of a new season. September brings many things I love such as pumpkin flavored everything, football season, and cooler(ish) weather. And by cooler weather I mean today was 90 degrees instead of 100. But I still like to take advantage of everything fall so I started today with a pumpkin spice latte and wore a fall colored dress.

I am looking forward to so much in fall. I can't wait to make my house smell like pumpkins and cinnamon, making chili, and at the very end of the month I go on vacation!

What are you looking forward too?