Monday, July 29, 2013

July in a Nutshell


July is practically over, but it was a great month! Here are some photos from my July. 

1. My favorite baby at his first birthday party!
2. Him and his friends swimming
3. Trying to escape the pool
4. My best friend/momma of my favorite baby
5. Opening presents 
6. Ken and I at the birthday party
7. Ken and I taking Jaidyn on a walk
8. Jaidyn exhausted from the walk, she comes in a immediately lays down before we can even take off her leash.
9. Watermelon Margarita
10. Ken and I at dinner
11. Me (and my drink)
12. My mom and I at dinner
13. Me and my favorite baby at lunch 

I can't wait to see what August brings!


Friday, July 26, 2013

Currently Craving

Whistle While You Work - Kate Spade iPhone Case 

Peek-a-Bright Eyes - Benefit

Turtle Bracelet - Fossil

Naughty Nautical - Essie (in love with this color, but it's always sold out when I go to get it!)

Shop Till I Drop - Essie
Some of my current wish list items. For some reason, I have been really into makeup and nailposh this month.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Goals for (the rest of) 2013

I know, I know. We are almost done with July and I am just now making some goals for the 2013. Well, that's not entirely true. I had goals for 2013, but I've completed them or they have changed, so I thought it was time to make some new ones. I have learned that New Years is not the only time to make goals. I make goals every time want a fresh start on something or I just feel like it. Just because everyone else is making a change at New Years doesn't mean I have to, if I want to change something I will start in the middle of summer or whenever it pleases me. :)
1. Write more, at least three times a week.
2. Read more, at least three times a week. I used to read all the time, but life has just gotten busy and I haven't spent as much time reading as I would like too. I have several books sitting on my shelf waiting to be read!
3. Blog at least once a week (Which I have been doing! Yay!)
4. Make a video at least once a week. I just started making YouTube Videos and so far I have made one a week.
5. Be more grateful. Sometimes I find myself feeling negative and I believe one of the best ways to combat that is to be grateful. So when I feel negative I want to make a grateful list.
6. Be happy with where I am. So this relates to number 5, but I want to be happy and enjoy where I am in my life, even if it isn't what I had planned.
7. Be nice to my mom. I know that sounds awful. I love my mom very much, but sometimes I can be really snippy, so I need to be more kind when talking to her.
8. Be nice to Ken. I know, this sounds awful too. It's not that I think I am mean, but I want to make sure I am putting more into my marriage and being less selfish.
9. Continue to let go of things or people that make me unhappy. Back in 2011 Ken and I made some big changes in our lives and it caused a lot of people, that we consided very good friends, to turn there backs on us. It was a hard period of my life, but over time I have learned to let go of them. They weren't real friends to us and the choices we made showed us that. Through that experience I have learned that if something or someone is making me unhappy I don't need them in my life. I was still dealing with all of this in 2012 and I believe I am in a much better place now. I just want to continue this so I don't fall back into the stress or unhappiness.
10. Get rid of old clothes. I actually clean out my closet about once a year, but I know it is time. I have many shirts that I know are too big for me, but I keep hanging on to them.
11. Spend more time with friends. I am sort of a horrible friend. I am the type of person that doesn't need a lot of friends to be happy -  not a social butterfly at all! So sometimes I will go weeks without calling them and that's awful! So I want to put more effort into spending time with friends.
12. Take more photos/videos. I used to document every moment of my life in highschool and beginning of college, but as time went on I stopped. Life got busy and pictures fell to the side, but I want to be better at it.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Technology vs Paper

Hey Ya'll!

Even though I love technology, (duh, I'm writing this on a blog) there is just something great about handwritten notes and paper books.

I adore handwritten thank you note....

or a simple card.

I prefer paper books to a nook or an iPad for reading.

I still keep planner, instead of putting all my appointments in my phone.

I always carry a note book with me.

And I used to be really into scraptbooking, but it is very time consuming and a lot a work, so I recently tried out the "smashbooks" and I am loving them. They are an awesome way to keep pictures and memories, rather than just in my computer. 

I love my computer, iPad, iPhone and tons of other technology I use every day, but these are my favorite "old school" items that I love and use quite regularly as well. My husband thinks I'm crazy that I still like to buy books instead of downloading them on my iPad or getting a nook, but one of the best feelings in the world is reading a worn in book. 


Saturday, July 20, 2013

My Week in Pictures

Hey Ya'll!
Another week has flown by! I actually thought yesterday was Tuesday for a minute! Yikes, I'm so glad it wasn't! Here are some picutres from my week. :)


1. Me in a trampoline chair. (I kinda want it!)
2. My favorite baby at his birthday party, wearing the boots Ken and I got for him.
3. For some reason I was in a One Direction mood all week.
4. Bright nails for summer.
5. The best pizza I have every eaten. (Check out Papa Murphy's - Veggie pizza with garlic sauce, YUM!)
6. Ken got me this nifty gadget so I can charge my phone at work (its always dying!).
7. Really pretty morning after a several days of rain. I was so happy to see blue skies today!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Photos from the week!

Hey Ya'll!
Is it just me, or did this week fly by? I seriously feel that this year is going sooo quickly! It seems like January was just last week, and yet we are half way through July! AH! But even though it was fast, my week was good. Here are some photos:


1. Biscuits and gravy I had on Sunday at breakfast with Ken.
2. Birthday gift for my favorite baby, he just turned one and his birthday party is tomorrow!
3. Waiting for my yoga class to start. (I went to the gym three times this week! *claps for Bre*)
4. Selfie before work, totally necessary.
5. Mint and green tea
6. Homemade mojito
7. S'more at work, made with homemade marshmallows!

So there are some pictures from my week, and this post has made me realized how many pictures I take of food....

Also, see my cool edits on some of the photos? Well there are from an app called A Beautiful Mess. That is also the name of a blog by two sisters, Elsie and Emma. They are awesome and so is their blog.

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Reason #1 I don't feel like an adult

I leave my clothes in the dryer and when I need something, I just go and pull it out, instead of folding and putting away the clothes. I literally did that this morning. *sigh*

So - goal for the day - fold the clothes I have sitting in the dryer!

It shouldn't be that hard, right?

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Quarter-Life Crisis

So I'm just going to say it - Being an adult is weird and sometimes sucks.

I recently graduated from college, got a full time job and I still don't know what I'm doing half of the time (or maybe more). In a lot of ways I am an "adult." I'm married, I have a degree, and my job is a pretty good one with a great company. But sometimes I truly feel like I'm still 18 and just still trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. Its a weird mix, that's for sure.

Just because I feel confused, doesn't mean I don't love a lot of parts of my life. I adore my husband, love my family, and really love myself (most of the time - we all have our down days). I have many positives in my life and I am so thankful for them and thankful for all that I have been blessed with; I just tend to feel a little lost.

Questions I am constantly battling with:
Do I want to sit in an office for the rest of my life?
Do I like this job?
What do I really want to do?
Can I even do that?

I think I want so many things and I want to do so much that it causes me to feel a little overwhelmed and makes me feel like I'll never accomplish any of it.

Another issue is that what I really would love to do isn't making me any money, so I work a full time job that I like but don't love. My full time job takes a lot of my energy and I do not get to spend my time on projects I really love and they get pushed to the side.

Sometimes I feel like I am the only person like this, but I am sure I am not. It seems like a pretty common feeling amoung my generation.

So today I made a few goals for myself so that I can make sure I spend time on projects I really love and maybe one day they can not be side projects anymore but my actual job. One can dream, right?

Saturday, July 6, 2013

My Week in Pictures

Happy Saturday!
My job requires me to work on Saturdays, and even though that sounds like a bummer, I kinda secretly love it. I work Tuesday-Saturday and my week days are crazy busy. I normally feel like I don't even have time to breathe during the week! I'm busy typing up stuff, running round, and the phone is always ringing - plus there are lots of people in the office doing the same stuff so its always a little crazy. But on Saturdays I am pretty much the only people in my office and the phones barely ring. Its great! I am able to work in peace, listen to music and snack. :) Now don't get me wrong, I would love to be at home in my pjs watching the newest episode of Teen Wolf, but as far as a work day goes, Saturdays are pretty nice for me.
Now for some pictures from my week:

1. Outfit for work
2. Pictures from the wedding I coordinated last weekend
3. 4th of July
4. Much needed drinks on Friday night
5. Ken and I at dinner
6. Ballerina Bun and Chocolate covered espresso beans & blueberries
Have a good weekend - (I'm hoping to see Despicable Me 2!)
Anyone else obsessed with this song/video? Because I sure am!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


I've grown up by the coast and loved anything about the ocean. This past weekend Ken and I went on my dad's boat with my brother and spent time fishing and swimming. Here's some pictures from our adventure: 

Pictures 1 & 2 are of Kens first fish! 
Pictures 3 & 4 are of my little fish I caught. 

It was a really pretty day and fun day. :)