Saturday, July 20, 2013

My Week in Pictures

Hey Ya'll!
Another week has flown by! I actually thought yesterday was Tuesday for a minute! Yikes, I'm so glad it wasn't! Here are some picutres from my week. :)


1. Me in a trampoline chair. (I kinda want it!)
2. My favorite baby at his birthday party, wearing the boots Ken and I got for him.
3. For some reason I was in a One Direction mood all week.
4. Bright nails for summer.
5. The best pizza I have every eaten. (Check out Papa Murphy's - Veggie pizza with garlic sauce, YUM!)
6. Ken got me this nifty gadget so I can charge my phone at work (its always dying!).
7. Really pretty morning after a several days of rain. I was so happy to see blue skies today!

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