Monday, July 22, 2013

Technology vs Paper

Hey Ya'll!

Even though I love technology, (duh, I'm writing this on a blog) there is just something great about handwritten notes and paper books.

I adore handwritten thank you note....

or a simple card.

I prefer paper books to a nook or an iPad for reading.

I still keep planner, instead of putting all my appointments in my phone.

I always carry a note book with me.

And I used to be really into scraptbooking, but it is very time consuming and a lot a work, so I recently tried out the "smashbooks" and I am loving them. They are an awesome way to keep pictures and memories, rather than just in my computer. 

I love my computer, iPad, iPhone and tons of other technology I use every day, but these are my favorite "old school" items that I love and use quite regularly as well. My husband thinks I'm crazy that I still like to buy books instead of downloading them on my iPad or getting a nook, but one of the best feelings in the world is reading a worn in book. 


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