Monday, July 29, 2013

July in a Nutshell


July is practically over, but it was a great month! Here are some photos from my July. 

1. My favorite baby at his first birthday party!
2. Him and his friends swimming
3. Trying to escape the pool
4. My best friend/momma of my favorite baby
5. Opening presents 
6. Ken and I at the birthday party
7. Ken and I taking Jaidyn on a walk
8. Jaidyn exhausted from the walk, she comes in a immediately lays down before we can even take off her leash.
9. Watermelon Margarita
10. Ken and I at dinner
11. Me (and my drink)
12. My mom and I at dinner
13. Me and my favorite baby at lunch 

I can't wait to see what August brings!