Thursday, December 5, 2013

Book Review: Girls in White Dresses

Hey Y'all!
Time for another book review.
This is a story about 20-somethings and their life expereices as they grow older. The book focuses on three main girls - Lauren, Isabella, and Mary, but there are also other chapters about friends of theirs.
When the novel starts the girls are fresh out of college and move to big cities, like New York and Chicago. They are just fumbling around trying to find jobs and boyfriends. Each chapter is like its own mini story. It will focus on a certain boyfriend of theirs and why the relationship did or didn't last. Or it will show a job they have and some of their experiences there. As the girls get older the stories change a little bit, instead of dealing with low paying, crappy jobs or short-term boyfriends, they start dealing with mothers of long-term boyfriends and their friends turning into bridezillas. The last part of the book the girls are reaching thrity and they are now dealing with mother-in-laws, pregnancy and divorces.
The stories are honest, funny, and a little sad. I could relate to many of the girls problems and feelings, and the ones that I personally couldn't relate to I thought of many friends that were similar to the other girls in the book.
If you are a 20-something fumbling through life I certainly believe you will relate to at least one story in here.
Have any of you read it? If so what do you think?

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