Saturday, December 28, 2013

2013 Favorites!

Hey Y'all! 
2013 is nearly over, can you believe it? 
This year has honestly flown by, faster than I think any year before it. 
I think it might be because it was my first "grown up" year and by that I mean that I was no long in college and I worked full time the whole year.
It was a year of ups and downs that started out pretty rough, but overall a great year that is ending on a good note. 
2013 started off with two deaths in my family, which caused a lot of grief and self reflection. I think death just does that. This was not my first time to deal with the loss of family members but I think that no matter how many funerals you attend or how many deaths you grieve, each one is unique and comes with new emotions. 
Even though that was a rough start to my year, it did get better from there. Here are some of my favorite moments from 2013:
Teaching Ken to fish and spending more time on the water.
Going to Rodeo to see The Zac Brown Band and Alan Jackson
 My 23rd birthday was spent at the Moody Gardens Aquarium, one of my most favorite places in the world
I started a new job at an amazing hotel that has beautiful events!
My 13 year old (14 in January!) dog, April, made it through surgery that she needed to remove a lump.

Ken and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary in the Hill Country at a winery.
My favorite baby turned 1!

One of my oldest friends got married and had a beautiful wedding!
Ken and I went on a cruise with my mom and it was a blast!
We made three stops on the cruise and in Roatan Island I was able to hold and play with monkeys.
And in Cozumel we swam with dolphins. 
I had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Ken and I celebrated with my mom, dad, stepmom, my brother and a family friend. It was great to have everyone together. Plus my turkey came out very nice! 
Lastly, Christmas. It was delightful. I spent time with family, stuffed my face, and received amazing gifts that made me feel super spoiled! 

2013 was filled with great memories and I can't wait to see what 2014 has in store. I will making a post soon about my hopes, wishes, and wants for the New Year. Until then, what are your favorite 2013 memories?

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