Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Blues

(one of the very few pictures I took Christmas Day)
Hey Y'all!
Well Christmas has come and gone faster than I ever believed possible.
This is my first grown up Christmas.
Last year I graduated college 4 days before Christmas and had barely started working, before that I was in college and had a whole month off for the holidays.
This year, since I didn't take any extra time off, I am back at work the very next day. *sigh*
Christmas was wonderful though. We spent Christmas Eve at my dads with some of my stepmother's family eating lasagna and opening presents. And then we spent Christmas Day with my mom opening presents, playing the Wii I got for Ken, cooking, eating, and watching movies. It was perfect.
I always feel a little sad after Christmas no matter what. Every year I get awesome presents, spend time with family and stuff my face - but I always feel a little blue the next day. Is it just me?
Thankfully I have much to look forward too. (that always helps the blues pass) Ken and I will be going out for a date night this weekend and New Year's is just around the corner! We will be attending a party at a friends house, where I will be dressed in sequence and sipping champagne.
How was your Christmas? Looking forward to New Year's?

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