Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Top 5: TV Shows

Veronica Mars:
I adore this show. I didn't actually watch it until it was over and all the seasons were on Netflix. I wanted so badly to know who had caused the bus crash in Season 2 that I literally stayed up all night watching it and finished that season about 6:00 AM. Veronica Mars has so many great elements that make it an amazing show. First - Veronica herself - she is funny, witty, smart and beautiful. She was the girl I wish I could be. If you don't love her then we can't be friends - seriously. Other awesome elements - Veronica & Wallace's friendship, Veronica's dad, the mysteries and Logan. Oh how I loved Logan! If Veronica and Logan end up together in the movie, I think my life may be complete.
Teen Wolf:
Although the title is a little cheesy, this show is awesome! I love the action/fighting/supernatural elements that make the show exciting, but the characters are what truly drive the show. Stiles and Scott's friendship is my favorite. Lydia and Allison are awesome because they hold their own and as the show continues they grow more into their own tough characters rather than just pretty faces. I could go on and on about each character (Derek, Issac, Ms. McCall, Boyd...) but I will spare you. If you haven't given this show a chance - you need to do so!
Pretty Little Liars:

So this show actually is a smig cheesy, but I still love it. I love ths plot twist, the fashion, and the creepy clues A is always leaving. I tune in every week to watch what will happen to the girls as A rips up their lives and I try every week to guess who red coat is. I try to pick up clues from the end scenes whenever we see A doing something while wearing the black hoodie with the matching black gloves. I even read blogs that give therories as to who may be apart of the A team or who is Red Coat; you could say I am a little obsessed. Plus, theres all those cute boys!
The Walking Dead:

If I had to pick a favorite supernatural villain it would probably be zombies. Although werewolves are a a close second. Vampires come in dead last (Sorry, I'm not Sorry).  So when I found out there was a show dedicated to zombies and it wouldn't just end after two hours like a movie, I jumped on it. I watched the first season (only 6 episodes) in one night on Netflix. I was instantly hooked. But it isn't just the creepy zombies that make the show (although they are awesome and scary) it is how the show looks into what the world would be like if this really happened. Zombie movies show the scariness of the monsters and people trying to escape, but this show takes it further as it shows how people would react. It gives insight to human nature when faced with disasters. Again, like all the shows I love, I becomes very attached to the characters and during season 3, I actually sobbed - yes sobbed - when one of my favorite characters died. So, if you haven't check out The Walking Dead - you should because Season 4 starts in October!


Nancy Botwin is my hero. This was another Netflix show for me and I was obsessed with watching it. Nancy is sort of a horrible mother, but I loved watching her try her best to provide for her kids, even if she did it by selling weed. The trouble that this family got into was all over the place but I loved ever minute of it. The best part was that even though they did horrible things, even to each other, they remained a family. The end of the series is actually a little sad but the show was still amazing. Side note: Every time I watch it, I wanted Iced Coffee...anyone else?
So there are my Top 5 favorite shows, in no particular order. What are yours?



  1. Pretty Little Liars is one of my favs too! Love the show!


    1. This weeks was a good one! Loved the ending with red coat.