Saturday, August 3, 2013

My Week in Pictures

Oh my goodness! It is now August! This year has just flown by! Even though we are now nearing the end of summer, it is still extremely hot and humid in my part of Texas and probably will be for quite a while longer. I hope everyone had a great week. Mine was lovely and filled with lots of food, as usual - Haha. Happy Saturday and have a great weekend!




1. Mushroom pizza topped with lots and lots of veggies. Yum!
2. New book I started and I'm already almost done. It is so good!
3. Sticky notes my co-worker brought back from her vacation in Hawaii. Adorable!
4. Vanilla ice cream with sprinkles, my favorite!
5. Homemade Macaron that my manager gave me.
6. Tried a new way to make a bun and it lasted all day, I was so happy! Haha
7. Put this up at work for a little more encouragement on hard days.
8. Rewarded myself with chocolate and a nice message after a different hetic day at work.
9. Homemade Margatitas
10. Beautiful roses Ken got me. :)
11. If you read my "currently craving" post a few days again, I put this nail polish on it - Ken was so sweet and bought me not only the flowers, but also this nail polish. I can't wait to try it out!
12. New tea I am trying today. Its warm and yummy.