Wednesday, August 28, 2013

August in a Nutshell

Hey Ya'll! 

August was a good month for me. My job was super busy but very productive. Weekends were filled with spending time with Ken and family. My dad's birthday was on the 16th and we had dinner with him to celerate. Two of our oldest friends got married and we were able to see a bunch of old friends at their wedding; it was nice to catch up with people. Here are some pictures from the month, Enjoy. :)





1. Jaidyn on a walk
2. Me
3. First ICEE we've had in a very long time at the movies! 
4. Ken and I thrift shopping 
5.Us at a wedding
6. Ken with the Groom
7. Me with the Bride
8. Us again
9. Myself, the Bride, and another very good friend of mine
10. Fountain at Discovery Green
11. Giant Chicken Car
12. More fountatins
13. Cool Bike Rack
14, 15 & 16. Dinner with My mom with my own mini bottle of wine, yummy salad and the best dessert at Black Walnut
17. My mom and I
18. Sail boat on a super cloudy day
19. More of us. :)


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