Thursday, August 8, 2013

25 Facts About Me

1. I was born on March 31, 1990 and I am 23 years old.
2. I was raised as an only child and still have terrible only child syndrome . Everything is mine and I don't like to share. #sorryimnotsorry
3. I have two tattoos. A sea turtle and an anchor/infinity sign (how white girl of me, right?) I also have two more I am planning/thinking about at the moment.
4. I have had lots of pets. Dogs, cats, fish, birds, lizards, guinea pigs, turtles, bunnies, hermit crabs, and hamsters. Right now - just dogs.
5. I graduated college in 2012 with a degree in English Literature and a minor in Religious Studies. I genuinely enjoyed my classes and actually sometimes miss college.
6. Even though I thrive on organization and order, I am an incredibly messy person. (as you can tell in the above picture) I leave things everywhere! And then, out of no where, the mess overwhelms me and I go on cleaning sprees.
7. I was very chubby as a middle schooler/teenager and even into my college years, so in 2011 I worked really hard and lost about 40 pounds. But I still love fried chicken, hamburgers, and margaritas - I just enjoy them in moderation.
8. My name is Breanna and I am addicted to diet coke. (Hi Breanna)
9. Ken and I married on June 5, 2010. It was a fun day. :)
10. I talk to myself all the time. I think this stems back to my only childness, but seriously -  a dialog is always running through my brain.
11. I hate shoe shopping. My feet are wide, so shoes are hard to find and I hate breaking in new shoes. I would rather wear the same few pairs over and over until they fall apart.
12. I cannot whistle.
13. I am only 5'2. Yes, I know that is short.
14. When I eat, I don't like my food to touch or mix.
15. I don't really like the cold. I want it to be cold for Christmas and that is about it. I get all excited to wear my jackets and scarves for about a month and then I am over it. Thankfully I live in South Texas and I rarely have to deal with cold weather. (Its still more than I prefer though)
16. I love to hold and play with the kids my friends have, but I also love giving them back. I am very happy to hold off having kids for several years. I used to not even want kids but I am slowly warming up to the idea.
17. The sea is my happy place.
18. I had a Lion King blanket I slept with every night until I was 20, when my mom made me throw it away. It was sad day.
19. In 2011 I spent horrible quality time in the hospital due to having meningitis.
20. I would love to just take off and travel the world.
21. I cannot tan. Well, technically I can. But its honestly not worth the effort or money to me. I used to go to tanning beds in highschool but I mostly just burned. It would turn into a slight tan and fade quickly. So I have given up and accepted that I am meant to be pale fair skinned awesome.
22. I hate scary movies that have to do with demons or ghost. I only like slashers/cheesyness like I Know What You Did Last Summer or Scream.
23. I have a huge personal space bubble and can't stand when people get to close to my face while talking to me. I have been know to literally lean back and take a step back if you are too close.
24. I still watch cartoons.
25. Swedish fish are my favorite candy.
Whoa so that took much longer than I expected, but I hope you enjoyed learning a little about me. :)

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