Thursday, August 22, 2013

Top 5: TV Besties

My beloved Teen Wolf has come to the end of Season 3A and won't be on again until January 2014. *sigh* As upsetting as this is, I got to thinking. I love this show for all of the mystery, gore, teen love, and excitement, but what drives the show more than anything is the bromance of Stiles and Scott. So I thought I would share my favorite TV friendships.
Scott and Stiles: Teen Wolf
Of course this is first! These two have been friends for a very long time, well before Scott was a werewolf. They support each other during every challenge and crazy mystery they are hit with including being turned into a werewolf, fighting monsters, have their parents kidnapped, and even girl troubles. One of my absolute favorite scenes with these two is at the end of season 2, when Scott loses his girl (among some other things) and Stiles tells him that he will always have his friendship. AWW. (It was made less cheesy than it sounds) But that moment is important to the show because even though characters and alliances change; their friendship doesn't.
Veronica and Wallace: Veronica Mars
Veronica and Wallace have the perfect female/male friendship on TV. When Veronica helped Wallace down from the flag pole he was ducted tapped to his first day at school they quickly became friends. Wallace was always there to help Veronica with her cases and they supported each other during hard times. They also never failed to make each other laugh.
Chandler and Joey: Friends
Chandler and Joey have a awesome bromance and kind of a yin and yang to each other. Joey is sloppy, an actor, silly and a little dumb. Chandler is punny, sarcastic, responsible, and has a 9-5 office job. They live in an apartment together, although since Joey is out of work so often, I have a sneaky suspicion that Chandler ends up paying most of the rent. They went through many ups and downs (like the time Chandler kissed Joey's sister while drunk and then couldn't remember which sister he kissed) but always worked it out and remained friends.
Haley and Brooke: One Tree Hill
These two didn't start out besties, but grew to an awesome friendship any girl would be lucky to have. Brooke was popular in high school and only referred to Haley as "tutor girl" for a while. By the time graduation rolled around they were incredibly close. One Tree Hill had a ton of crazy stories (kidnappers, psychos, love triangles, deaths, stalkers and so much more) But these girls made it through and took care of each other, like the time Haley let Brooke move into her apartment or when Haley had Brooke and her family over for Thanksgiving when Brooke couldn't bake apple pie or the time when Brooke supported Haley when Nathan was kidnapped. An important moment between these two happens right before Brooke's wedding when she realizes that even though Peyton was her high school bff, Haley has been there for her more and is her new bestie. (sorry Peyton, you shouldn't have moved. #sorryimnotsorry)
JD and Turk: Scrubs

 I don't even know where to begin with these two. Dare I say, their friendship is flawless. They have the same level of weirdness and their hugs are the stuff dreams are made of. In all seriousness they take care of each other and have for years - since college, then med school, on to residency and even as the venture out to be real doctors with families. I could honestly write for hours of my favorite scenes with them, but I will only share one. The hospital where they worked had basketball hoop outside that many of the employees would use. One time, JD and Turk are playing and JD (who isn't very good) gets hit in the head goes unconscious. Turk lays down next to JD and when JD wakes up he asks Turk why they are both of the ground. Turk tells him that he didn't want JD to be embarrassed so he laid down next to him so people would think they were "chillin'."
Those are my favorite TV besties, which was very hard to narrow down! Who are your favorites?


  1. Hey Breanna! I love your name!!!
    Anyway, I totally agree with you on Brooke and Haley! And sucks for Peyton though. Woman left.
    Also I'd like to add Peter and Neal from White collar and Harvey and Mike from Suits!! Love em!


    1. I've never seen White Collar or Suits! I guess I need to check those out!

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