Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Top 5: Favorite Greek Gods/Goddesses

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I recently finished the Percy Jackson Series by Rick Riordan and it has reminded me of how much I love Greek Mythology. Rick Riordan's books are a fun twist on old tales and I can't wait to start reading The Lost Hero's Series. These books got me to thinking though, if I was a half-blood, who would I want my parents to be? So these are my Top 5 favorite Greek Gods or Goddesses.

Poseidon is the God of the Sea. His powers are some of my favorite  - breathing under water, talking to fish, riding a whale or shark... yes please!
So Artemis wouldn't actually have any half-blood children because she is the virgin Goddess, but I think it would still be interesting to be her child and get some of her powers. First of all, she uses a bow and arrow, that seems to automatically make her awesome. She also is goddess of the hunt, which makes her strong and brave.
 Dionysus would be like the cool dad because he is the God of wine and parties. But this could also cause trouble since he is also the God of chaos, drunkenness and drugs. Being his child seems like it could go both ways.
Athena is the Goddess of wisdom and intelligence. Being her child seems like it would have made school a whole like easier. Plus any child of hers could probably do any job they wanted, if they just put their mind to it. She also is the Goddess of battle strategy and warfare, so she must be brave and powerful too.

I know. This one is a little strange, but stay with me. Hades is God of the underworld, not just hell. In Greek Mythology all dead people go to the underworld and it is divided among those who did bad things while on earth, those who didn't do anything bad or good (just lived), and those who did extraordinary things. He also is the God of the earths hidden wealth - agricultural and metals. So it would be kinda cool to be his kid. He is God of so much and is incredibly powerful. He also has a three headed dog! Plus, Hades for the Disney Hercules Movie is maybe my favorite Disney villain that every lived.


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