Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Book Review: Allegiant (Divergent Trilogy)

Hey Ya'll!
I just finished Allegiant yesterday I feel like I must tell you about it. So MAJOR WARNING - I will be giving out SPOILERS, so if you haven't finished the book or the series you should stop reading after this paragraph. I will say, if you haven't read it, I would give the trilogy a try, many reviews I have seen hated the ending, but I honestly kind of loved it.
Here we go. When I first picked up Allegiant I wasn't sure what I even expected from it. I went in not sure of what I wanted, I only knew I wanted a conclusion. I loved Divergent. I loved the factions and loved reading about Dauntless (even though I probably would have picked Erudite). I also enjoyed Insurgent, but didn't love it as much. It always seems that the first book in a series is so much more exciting than the second, but I liked where the story was going. And then we come to Allegiant.
Even though I enjoyed the book, I was a bit disappointed by the world outside of their city. It just wasn't what I expected. I think I was picturing that the world would be much more destitute. I also thought that their city would be the only experiment. So the world wasn't what I pictured, oh well.
 Moving on - (here comes the big spoiler) Tris dies. I know. It's sad, (I almost cried while walking on the treadmill at the gym while I was reading this part). Of course I didn't want her to die, but about half way through the book I had a feeling she would die. Plus, as soon as Caleb volunteered I knew she would take his place because there was a chance she could survive but not a chance for him. I also thought her death was a perfect representation of who she was. She was brave, smart and selfless and the way that she sacrificed herself to help the greater good because of the people she loved showed all of those qualities.
In the epilogue I was still sad for Four but I really liked that he ended up reconnecting with his mom and working with Johanna as a politician.
The tribute to Tris on the zip line was perfect.
Other parts of the book I really enjoyed: getting to know Tris and Caleb's mom through her letters, seeing Tris and Caleb mend their relationship (even if only for a short time), and watching Four and Tris grow in their relationship.
Have you read it? What did you think?

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