Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Blair Waldorf Thanksgiving

Hey Y'all, it is confession time.
I once truly obsessed loved Gossip Girl. I read through all of the books while in high school and when I found out they were making it into a show, I moved on to that. Blair Waldorf was my hero. She was pretty, smart and little crazy. Well, more than a little. But I loved her, flaws and all. I started wearing headbands, tights, and I even got that orange phone she had in season 1. But about half way through the show, I stopped watching. *GASP* Life just got a little crazy, it was around the time I was getting married, so Gossip Girl and Blair fell to the side.
But don't worry, I will finish the series. I actually just started watching again, picking up around the time I left off and I am already sucked back into all their drama. It's great.
Earlier today I watched "Gaslit" from season 4. It is the Thanksgiving episode of the season, which makes it one of my favorites. I love the Thanksgiving episodes. Thanksgiving is Blair's favorite holiday (and mine), but unlike me, their Thanksgiving is served with a side of crazy.
My absolute favorite thing about each Gossip Girl Thanksgiving episode is Blair's fashion.
(Season 1)

(Season 2)
(Season 3)

(Season 3)
(Season 4)
(Season 6)
I am pretty much in love with with her dress from season 4, but I honestly love all of her looks. And if any one can pull of patterned tights it is Blair Waldorf - look at the bows in season 1 and the flowers in season 2!

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