Sunday, October 13, 2013

Vacation: Cruise Ship Fun

Hey Ya'll! 

For our vacation we went on a cruise to the Caribbean. It was a 7 day trip with three ports that we visited, so that means I have a ton of pictures! I thought it would be best if I split them up when I share them with you. The first post of this little mini series is the days that we spent at sea. Enjoy. :)

 Ken hid all of the towel animals they make for you all week and took them out on the last night. 

The days that we spent on the boat were the most relaxing since we spent most of the time laying by the pool. We also went to several comedy shows, played putt-putt and other games, saw a musical and a magic show and ate lots of yummy food ( I am now on a strict diet!). My next post will be the photos from our day in Roatan Island. 


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  1. Looks so much fun! Someday I really want to go on a cruise.

    Anna Czarina