Thursday, March 6, 2014

Hello March!

Hey Ya'll!
It feels like it has been so long since I have even been on my blog! I guess I will just jump right in...
February was good. It was filled with Valentine celebrations, my moms birthday celebration and a snowy vacation for Ken and I. Here are some iPhone pictures I snapped while we were in Colorado...
Pre-flight drinks and appetizers

The view during our drive into the mountains
Another view during a different drive

Segway Tour in The Garden of the Gods (Colorado Springs)

Fancy S'mores at the bonfire

Ken and I on a bowling date with his sister and her boyfriend

Our Flight home was a little delayed, so I enjoyed some Jamba Juice during the wait

I will add pictures from our camera later, so keep an eye out. The photos we took in the mountains were insane. It made me want to move to a tiny mountain town just to be surrounded by the views everyday!
Now we move on to March. I love March. It is probably my most favorite month of the year. This is for several reasons....
-Houston Rodeo (We are seeing Jason Aldean and Florida Georgia Line)
-Ken's Birthday
-My Birthday
-Warmer Weather
-More Sunshine!
It will be a good month. :)

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